Luke Leber Programmer/Analyst III

I am a strong proponent of open source, web accessibility, and security.  I believe that elegance can be achieved through simplicity, that a unified strategy forms the most durable foundation for any project, and that open collaboration serves as the most effective way to harden applications.

I am currently employed by the Pennsylvania State University as a Programmer/Analyst Level III.  Most notably, I am part of the team that manages the Penn State World Campus family of websites.  I am also an active contributor to the Drupal content management system.

Recent blog posts

Recently, I've released an alpha version of Responsive Image Preload that can help optimize the LCP web vital when the element…

Having a skip link outside of a landmark region has come up a few times from certain automated accessibility checkers.  Each time I've had to cite evidence that strongly suggests that the tooling got this check wrong.  This post will contain citations and simple explanations for why a simple…

Time problems are hard.  Testing them shouldn't have to be.  Recently I had a set of requirements that came with a set of complex time related conditions.  There were a total of 27 different outcomes based on a set of inputs, the current time being one of them.

The architecture of the…

Volunteer work

Centre County PAWS Web Maintenance & Support

Centre County PAWS was established in 1980. For almost 40 years we have been committed to finding forever homes for cats and dogs, educating citizens on responsible pet ownership, providing spay / neuter assistance, and ending pet overpopulation.

PAWS is always looking for volunteers! Can you help?