Luke Leber Programmer/Analyst III

Even from a very young age, I have always been fascinated with software.  The passion has followed me my entire life.  I have a very strong work ethic with an inner drive that will not accept defeat. I know there are always multiple ways to accomplish a goal. I am always thinking outside the box, ready to change course if I hit a dead end in a seemingly hopeless situation until I do find a solution. I am a very collaborative person, preferring to work in a team environment where quality, respect, and professional accountability are key team values. That being said, I am also able to step up as a leader when required and while I seldom have all of the answers, I do know where and how to find them.

Home Life

My family and I live a humble life in the beautiful rural heart of Pennsylvania in the United States. While I work in software design and engineering, I have a passion for the outdoors. If it's a nice day, you can find me outside no matter the season, I always find that the "great outdoors" offers the best mind reset. From kayaking and fishing to hiking state game land, my zen zone is definitely in the wide open spaces nature provides. I'm a jack of all trades; being a welder, mechanic, electrician, carpenter, software developer, and more.  I enjoy building things with both my hands and with my mind.  I am a lifelong learner who is always ready to try something new, from white water rafting to the latest niche language that kids build these days.