Luke Leber Programmer/Analyst III

All access to this site is anonymous.  There are no tracking scripts and users are not permitted to register accounts.


What information is collected?

Although this site does not collect any personally identifiable analytics, for security auditing purposes all access to this site is permanently logged.  The information collected in the logs will include any information that the user agent sends as part of a request to this site.

Common information that is collected may include:

  • IP address
  • Device identifier
  • User agent
  • Referrer
  • Which page is requested
  • Any additional information that is provided in the request
  • Any errors that user submitted queries may trigger on the systems hosting this website.

Please bear in mind that you control all information that is submitted to this site.


How is the information used?

The information will be used to monitor the overall health of the site.  It will be used to detect broken links and to analyze suspicious traffic patterns.


Who has access to the information?

The server administrator has access to all logs.  Logs will be made available to authorities if they are the subject of a legal subpoena.  Logs may also be made available to open source communities if it is determined that sharing traffic patterns can help to identify security threats.